Banyule Clean Energy Group Wins Grant

Banyule Clean energy Group has successfully applied for a Banyule City Council sustainability grant to deliver three workshops: Lowering Household Energy Consumption.

The workshops will inform, educate and encourage residents. Each workshop will: 

1. Educate residents about energy efficiency as it applies to their home 2. Provide energy saving tips for their homes 

3. Provide information about suppliers/installers of household equipment such as energy- saving household devices, solar panels, heat pumps, solar hot water and so on. 

The participants will be Banyule residents who are interested in adopting energy-saving practices. The workshops will also inform resident about options for purchasing energy- saving devices and equipment.

Workshop 1 Climate Change and Household Energy Use - understanding your impact

March 20, 2019

Workshop 2 Simple Ways to Lower Your Household Energy Use - easy ways to reduce your energy use 

April 3, 2019

Workshop 3  Making an Investment in Clean Energy - choosing equipment and installers 

April 17, 2019