Workshop Series Starts Soon

Banyule Clean Energy Group 


Lowering Household Energy Consumption

A series of 3 Workshops

These 3 workshops are designed to inform, educate and encourage you to lower your household energy consumption. They will:

  1. Help you to understand energy efficiency as it applies to your home

  2. Provide energy saving tips for your home

  3. Provide information about suppliers/installers of household equipment such as energy- saving household devices, solar panels, heat pumps, solar hot water and related products

Participants will have the opportunity to visit an energy-efficient home. Participants will be given a workbook to record their energy consumption before and after the 3 Workshops.

Climate Change and Household Energy Use - understanding your impact 

Workshop 1 will focus on the issue of climate change and look at the ways in which household (family) energy consumption impacts climate change, including use of transport.

Wednesday March 20, 7.30pm

Simple Ways to Lower Your Household Energy Use - easy ways to reduce your energy use 

Workshop 2 will briefly focus on the impact of household energy use on climate change, spending the bulk of the time on simple, practical ways to lower home energy consumption. 

Wednesday April 3, 7.30pm

Making an Investment in Clean Energy - choosing equipment and installers 

Workshop 3 will summarise the previous 2 workshops, with the bulk of the session providing information on changes that can be made in the home, including appliance selection, insulating, double glazing, solar installation and so on. 

Wednesday April 17, 7.30pm

To register, contact us at or call Paul on 0408 733 683.