Set yourself a daily target

To see how much you can reduce your energy use – and lower your bills – this winter, why not challenge yourself with a target for your maximum daily energy use?

One local family here in Banyule is absolutely smashing their goals. Compared to last winter, they’ve decreased energy use by 22% and compared to last year, they’ve decreased energy use by 97%! By setting a daily energy use target and sticking to it – even if it means layering up with jumpers and blankets in the evening when the heater is turned off – they’ve saved financially.

One huge benefit to reducing energy use was a floor insulation upgrade in their home earlier this year. Insulation is one of the most effective energy efficiency improvements you can make in your home, and for this family, it’s really paid off in a big way.

If you’d like advice on insulation and other home energy efficiency improvements, why not get in touch with us? We provide free advice to homeowners and business owners in Banyule so that together, we can reduce our emissions and create a better future.