IDV powers ahead with solar

Since 2018, we’ve been working closely with IDV, a leading disability service provider in Macleod. They came to us to learn what their savings could be on energy bills if they made the switch to solar.

We first assisted them to secure the grant from the State Government. We provided input throughout the entire project, preparing for the application through analysis of IDV’s energy bills, modelling the roof spaces for solar potential and obtaining quotes for solar PV. It was a big project but hugely rewarding to see IDV receive the funding and now make fantastic savings that will go back into serving the community.

When we crunched the numbers and showed them that solar could reduce their energy bills by more than 50% - saving them at least $10,000 per year - they decided to go ahead. Another big motivator was Victoria’s solar rebates, which had been introduced the year prior. These rebates were invaluable to an organisation running on a small budget. We were able to secure just over $70k in funding to assist IDV, an outstanding result!

In 2020, the project to install a 40kw solar array on IDV’s Macleod building was completed, and a new project to install solar on the two residential buildings has begun. The huge savings that IDV will make on energy bills will be funnelled back into their budget, enabling them to contribute even more to the Banyule community.

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