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Empowering our community to create a cleaner, better future

We work with residents, schools and businesses in the City of Banyule to deliver clean energy and energy efficiency projects. Our advice and assistance is completely free.

Be energy-efficient on a budget

Energy-efficient improvements in your home, workplace and everyday life don’t have to be difficult, time-consuming or expensive.

  • Install energy efficient LED lighting.

  • Choose a ‘green’ energy retailer.

  • Walk, cycle, scoot, and use public transport.

  • Hang heavy, double-lined curtains that fall to the floor.

  • Block draughts around doors and windows with door snakes and self-stick weather stripping.

  • Use electric appliances - including BBQs, lawnmowers and induction cooktops.

Solar PV systems

Victorians continue to set records when it comes to home solar PV installations. If you’re considering installing solar at your home or business, contact us for advice.

Reverse cycle air conditioners

A reverse-cycle split-system air conditioner is the most energy efficient solution for heating and cooling. And if you run it on 100% renewable energy, it’s emissions free!

Hot water heat pumps

A hot water heat pump is three times more efficient than a conventional electric water heater, making it the most economical way to heat your water.

All-electric homes

An all-electric home is more comfortable, energy efficient and healthier for your and the planet. It’s also likely to have lower energy bills than homes that use gas.

Want to save on power bills?

What can you do at your home to reduce energy use, lower your carbon emissions - and SAVE on bills?

  • Use energy efficient appliances with the highest energy rating - and use them efficiently.

  • Upgrade the insulation in your roof and floor.

  • Improve window efficiency with doubled or triple-glazed windows.

  • Make the switch to an all-electric home and ditch gas forever.

  • Choose a pale-coloured roof.

Get involved

We’d love you to be a part of our community projects: an EV bulk buy, community battery and clean energy expo.

Our team of volunteers provides free advice to homeowners, schools, renters and businesses in the City of Banyule.

Take action today

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